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The organization of the business operation of the KATEC Group's technological solutions is also an innovation, just like its solutions.

General presentation of our innovations

The Group contributes to the fight against energy and digital divides and to bring renewable energy and connectivity to everyone and everywhere in record time through its smart solutions including:

PWCS (Polyvalent Wireless Communication System), a powerful invention patent filed in more than a hundred countries which gave birth to RETICE, RENAC, DISY and many others still unpublished. The foundation of the PWCS is connectivity everywhere and for everyone, with a concern for better organization and management of networks and bandwidth that it considered from the outset to be the essential of 21st century telecoms.

RETICE (Energy and ICT Network for Education and Businesses) which offers the digital possibility to any establishment wherever it is;

RENAC (Energy and Digital Network for the Autonomy of Communities) which allows any territory to have digital connectivity;

DISYS (Distant Interpretation System) which provides a tool to break down any language barrier in education, the media, and the general public.


RETICE and RENAC offer a new category of innovative technologies called:

  • Fair for their ability to adapt to all types of constraints (urban, suburban and rural areas)

  • Ecological for the use of renewable energies and the dematerialization of works and school supplies and other documents necessary for the services of the Users, but very energy-intensive and polluting for production

  • Connectivity everywhere and for everyone.

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