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Presentation of the solution

The DISYS is a revolutionary innovation that allows interpreters to be able to remotely connect a conference room or two conference rooms and to manage two languages simultaneously as if they were in “their cabin” of the conference room.


The DISYS is a device that can interface with any existing network and offer the interpreter the possibility of listening and speaking simultaneously from a distance.


Such a device allows, beyond professional interpreters, to all trades wherever they are: education, media, liberal professions, amateurs, general public, etc. understanding two languages or needing to understand what is in a foreign language ... to be able to contribute dynamically, for a fee, to the fight against language barriers through the DISYS platform.

System advantage

With the DISYS:

1. No more frozen interpreting jobs, limiting the interpreter's ability to carry out their job remotely and from any location ... Now, the “DISYS” completely frees the interpreter and reduces his costs.

2. Gone are the days of the interpreting profession limited to contexts of physical presence, preventing any possibility of extending the profession to other markets such as the media, remote multilingual working groups which cannot meet in the same place, etc. From now on, “DISYS” is opening up new customers: simultaneous multilingual conference calls, remote multilingual work groups, and so on.

3. No more conference calls with forcing languages, for lack of solutions for simultaneous multilingual remote interpreters, which have serious consequences for business ... Now, the "DISYS" allows everyone to express themselves at best for their business.

4. No more traditional physical presence of the interpreter (s) in the conference room, which necessitates the displacement of the interpreter (s) and the installation of interpretation fitted out in booths specially intended for this purpose at high costs, making the service very elitist ... From now on, the "DISYS" allows all companies to benefit from an interpreting service without breaking the bank.

5. No more hyper-corporatist interpreting, preventing the development of the profession for local languages… Now, with the “DISYS”, local language interpreters can be trained and carry out completely unexpected jobs!

6. There are mixed solutions but which rarely offer freedom to the performer ... Now, with the "DISYS", the performer does his job wherever he is, even in the middle of the equatorial forest! The "DISYS" kit, a unique solution!

Mission and objective

Breaking down language barriers

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