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KATEC companies are created by men and women of various origins who believe in development through "The force of innovation" including:

  • the Operational Mission is the implementation of a New Economy based on Technology and Social for Growth, against Unemployment and Poverty;

  • the Vision is to overcome inequalities;

  • the value is to raise the greatest number of humanity and respect nature.

Group Opérational Organization

The organization of the business use of the KATEC Group's technological solutions is also an innovation, just like its solutions.


The KA TECHNOLOGIES Group (KATEC) is the structure that manages the operation of the solution internationally. The production department of the KATEC Group carries out the integration, assembly and production of equipment and software for technical solutions to make them ready for deployment at NETSCOM. Per country, there will be a national company (SNG, partner or subsidiary). In each country, the national company is organized in such a way as to encourage the creation of regional management companies (SEMaR) and installation companies (NETSCOM). The national company will coach and supervise the NETSCOMs in its territory.


For each country, a so-called “bottom-up” structuring is planned as follows:


  1. For the launch of the RETICE-RENAC business, men and / or women with technical skills must organize themselves into NETSCOM companies for each 1,000 learners (pupils, students, etc.). The role of NETSCOM is the deployment of equipment and their technical and economic operation. These NETSCOMs carry out on the one hand the installation, support and maintenance, and on the other hand, the marketing of the services of the equipment deployed to users (town halls, schools, administrations, businesses, homes, etc.). A NETSCOM is created by 10 salaried partners (employers) including 1 manager and 9 technicians spread over 3 departments. Each department is specialized in individual RETICE equipment, RETICE fixed equipment and RENAC equipment.

  2. The structure above NETSCOMs is that of Regional Exploitation and Management Companies (SEMaRs) which can be created by businessmen and / or women to manage a critical set of NETSCOM in a given administrative territory (prefecture , department, region…). The SEMaRs will have the function of ensuring the commercial, technical and financial supervision of the activities of the NETSCOMs in their jurisdiction.

  3. Lastly, in the same country, businessmen and / or women can create the national management company (SNG) whose role is to manage the operation of the business at the national level (see attached organization chart. ).


The main objective of such an organization is to encourage the populations to organize themselves preferentially into employers by allowing each actor in society to carry out his activity and play his part in a virtuous way.




The associates of a NETSCOM must show their financial capacity to finance the equipment necessary for their market and to ensure their commercial actions.

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