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Presentation of the solution

RENAC is a wide coverage connectivity solution. In the same COVID-19 situation, the RENAC network could have allowed remote access - for all types of exchanges - to servers located in schools, to external platforms, to the organization of "Virtual Classes", to telecommuting, etc.

With COVID-19, ensuring an autonomous energy and digital network to ensure the autonomy of each municipality, community of municipalities, department, region ... has emerged as the essential lesson learned from the pandemic by all States, communities and the institutions of the world. RENAC is more than ever “the solution” for going back to school and above all for a real resilience plan, whatever the extent of the pandemic.


Such a provision guarantees, in such catastrophic circumstances, the continuity of the "life" of each municipality in an equitable manner: education, health, economic and political activities, etc. This new digital network arrangement ensures the independence of local authorities, decongestion of operator networks, fair accessibility to all and everywhere with significant economic benefits for all, users and operators.


RENAC is an innovation endowed with intelligence which makes it possible to communicate both locally and on an extended network on a so-called 80/20 principle. The “80/20” concept consists in that, thanks to the Smart RENAC Network, 80% of the communication needs are satisfied by this local network and consequently the needs for internet and third-party operators to communicate decrease in the same proportion and with them the costs of connectivity. The needs for interconnections and the Internet amount to less than 20%.


The RETICE / RENAC combination has all the capacity to provide schools and other structures with any digital service, locally or remotely.


For example, RENAC, in a case such as the COVID-19 pandemic, allows:

  • to ensure school continuity by avoiding the interruption of lessons;

  • learners and teachers, wherever they may be, to continue to benefit from the progress of the courses thanks to “Virtual RETICE Classes (CRV)”, face-to-face or not;

  • the health system also benefit from the continuity of remote services;

  • for each municipality or community of municipalities to have digital connectivity and autonomous energy for all inhabitants and for all activities of the municipality; Etc.

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