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Retice Africa

RETICE AFRICA is an innovation company in equitable technological solutions, participating very actively in the fight against the digital divide.
It designs and implements technological solutions including the patented PWCS (Polyvalent Wireless Communication System) telecommunication system, as well as the RETICE educational solution.
Through these solutions, we operate more globally in the fields of telecommunications, IT, electronics and energy.

Retice Africa is created to promote, market, install, operate and maintain RETICE-PWCS technologies in Africa.

About retice Africa


The RETICE digital classroom offers an educational scenario allowing the reproduction of all the activities and interactions of a face-to-face and distance course.

RETICE is a collaborative digital platform (IT + Very High Speed network + Tablet and various devices) for Education which makes it possible to digitize all the tools and the education system (Schoolbag, classroom and school). The RETICE is also called the “digital schoolbag”, “the digital classroom” or “the digital school”.

The digital satchel that fights the digital divide.

RETICE is an autonomous network architecture which responds to the S2I2E principle. Is it “Full WIFI based” on its local platform? That is to say, it does not necessarily need the internet for its deployment. It thus offers access to shared resources and digital management both to educational resources and to internal resources of the administration.

The purpose of the RETICE tablet is to bring a digital touch in the field of education, training and also the internal management of a company. RETICE is designed in such a way that it can be easily adapted to elementary, middle, high school, and university schools.

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